Activities carried out so far by the Eduwork.Net partnership:
  • Transnational context study on work-based learning
  • Transnational Conference in Rome: “Improving Quality in Work-Based Learning”, as part of the European Vocational Skills Week 2020.
  • Ongoing partnership meetings to create a Network of Networks
  • 10 articles published on the Eduwork.Net blog
  • Online learner survey designed to offer VET providers with information for quality improvement to reflect the needs of learners
  • Coordinating action plan to adapt project to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Active social media presence (Linkedin and Facebook), including over 150 dissemination activities, reaching several thousands online users
  • Free of charge webinars aimed to assist VET organizations in applying to Erasmus plus funding for mobility projects
  • Development of Virtual Networking Space, online platform for VET providers to engage with European mobility projects, launching soon
  • Company information pack tool for VET providers to attract more companies in providing work based learning and apprenticeships
  • Ongoing exploitation group meetings, working together to establish strong infrastructure for a sustainable future network

Upcoming activities:

  • Transnational workshop in Dublin
  • Setting up the project support offices
  • Transnational networking event in Athens, part of the 2021 European Vocational Skills Week
  • Additional webinars